Cypher IT announces the launch of the bbRad eMDT Module

eMDT is a clinical solution developed by Ardeo PLC which allows any clinician to configure a patient-centred work flow solution that shares information with team members and automates administration during the clinical stages of the care process.

The bbRad eMDT Module is an MDT and Patient Referral decision support tool that integrates the basic EPR and PACS with clinical and management activity.

The bbRad element automates the retrieval and transfers of images during a MDT referral process. It integrates authenticated, automated image transfers tightly into eMDT’s functionality, allowing sites achieve huge cost benefits while delivering best level of care to their patients.

Benefits of the bbRad eMDT Module

The bbRad eMDT Module helps reduce the time between an MDT referral and response by streamlining and automating post, email, fax, telephone and image transfer communications.

For more information on how to get the bbRad eMDT module, please contact us on

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