We’re a UK-based healthcare company who increase healthcare productivity by providing reliable software solutions – focused on simplifying clinical and administrative workflows.

We’ve been doing that since 2001. Our software is used in NHS and private hospitals, clinics and reporting providers globally.





exoPACS, is a mid-tier Vendor Neutral Archive. Rather than full-blown complexity – yet retaining enterprise-grade reliability – it is ideally suited for smaller sites or as an interim solution for large hospitals to bridge between PACS storage contracts. You’ll benefit from:

  • A reliable DICOM archive, unencumbered by traditional PACS restrictions – and costs
  • Simplifying workflows across the whole organisation

Because of the variety of use-cases, we designed exoPACS right from the start to be modular,
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PACS Data Migration

Cypher IT’s PACS Transition Service is specifically designed for London Trusts to prepare for PACS replacement/extension by having local ownership of your data in a transitory VNA.  This allows you to start migration/localisation now, rather than only after award of your PACS/VNA OJEUs:

  1. Reduce costs for local storage leading up to 2015
  2. Reduce the Total Cost of Transition “TCT”
  3. PACS Procurement Freedom

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Image Sharing

bbRad is a well-established (since 2006) image and report data sharing solution connecting hospitals globally, featuring:

  • High volume, end-to-end encrypted secure data sharing
  • Full workflow automation matching patient records and creating RIS orders
  • Report acquisition, sharing and delivery to the clinician
  • Full support for Cardiology, Mammography and Radiology

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