Sharing with foreign hospitals / clinics and Reporting Services

If the hospital or reporting service you want to share with isn’t listed when you send studies, then use the ‘+Connect‘ button to link your account with theirs.

Click the ‘+Connect‘ button.

Log in to Admin Console on your bbRad gateway. The button is on the main Studies screen, to the top left.
Connect button on the studies screen
Showing the connect button on the admin console

Search first, in case they’re already on the network

In the pop-up, type the name of the hospital, clinic or remote reporting service in the search bar.
Searching sites by name
Searching for a reporting service

If desired hospital, clinic or reporting service is found…

1. Click the green ‘+’ button alongside the name
2. You’re now connected to that site, and can send to or receive from them

If the desired site isn’t there

1. Click ‘Connect with new Site‘ button and follow the prompts.
2. Enter their generic PACS email address, full hospital name and so on

Call your named contact, ask them to look for an email invite from You’re using bbRad, but they’ll use the web-based image exchange portal called ShareMyXray.

The Invite step is only needed once.
Inviting a new site that isn't already listed
Filling in the Invite form – this is only needed once

Your Connected – now send your imaging

Select the imaging you want and then click the Send button. Then, choose site you wish to send to and then click Send at the bottom.
Selecting studies, clicking send
Selecting images to send
Choosing which site to send the studies to
Selecting the site to send images to
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