Sharing with patients from bbRad

It’s better to use bbRad for patient sharing than any other option. Because the connection is secure, but without the extra work of an encryption password to manage. The connection is re-usable too, meaning less work for current patients.

You can’t browse patients within the bbRad system, by design, to protect their privacy rights. To share with them use the ‘+ Connect’ button from the bbRad Admin Console. You’re using bbRad, but they’ll use a web-based service called ShareMyXray.

Click the ‘+ Connect’ button

Log in to Admin Console on your bbRad gateway. The button is on the main Studies screen, to the top left.
Connect button on the studies screen
Showing the connect button on the admin console

Search using the patients’ email address

In the pop-up, type the email address of the patient in the search bar.
NOTE: Email is the only way to find patients within bbRad, searches by name won’t return results (unless you’re already connected to them)
Searching for a patient
Searching for a patient

If the patient is found…

Click the green ‘+’ button alongside the name
You’re now connected to that patient, allowing you to send imaging to them

If the patient isn’t there…

1. Click ‘Connect with new Site‘ button and follow the prompts.
2. Enter their email address, names and so on

Tell the patient know to look for an email invite from (it might be incorrectly marked as spam). You’re using bbRad, but they’ll use a web-based Portal called ShareMyXray. Once they confirm the invite, we’ll provide them full instructions via email.

The Invite step is only needed once.
Filling in the Invite form - this is only needed once
Filling in the Invite form – this is only needed once

You’re Connected – now send your imaging

Select the imaging you want and then click the ‘Send’ button. Then, choose the patient you wish to send imaging to and then click the ‘Send’ button.
Selecting studies, clicking send
Selecting images to send
Selecting the site to send images to
Selecting the site to send images to

Good to know

  • Patient driven requesting, ShareMyXray also lets patients request their own imaging through the service. We let you know there’s a request to action. This can be tailored this to your needs, email us if you’d like to know more.

  • Patient accounts are re-usable, reducing the admin workload for your team. One invite is all it takes.

  • ShareMyXray enables the patient to onward send their imaging, improving their healthcare experience.

  • Patient transfers come out of available transfer volume for your existing bbRad licence. And patient accounts retain imaging for one year – no cost to you.


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