Top takeaways from ACEP16 conference

ACEP16 is the American College of Emergency Medicine 2016 Medical Conference.

Thousands of emergency medicine professionals from around the globe gather annually to attend ACEP’s flagship event – the premier event in the emergency medicine specialty.

Below is a day-by-day highlight of what we learnt. I hope it’s helpful for you. Want to share it with someone?

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ACEP16Top 3 highlights from #ACEP16 Tue 18th highlights – Tuesday 18th Oct

Video laryngoscopy during CPR better than DL

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How to love your job in 3 steps

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Smartphone-echocardiogram caused a stir “true distruption”

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ACEP16 highlights – Monday 17th Oct

Top 3 highlights from #ACEP16 Mon 17th

Language choice caring for transgender patients

Wait for second shock before giving epinephrine

Great Acid base table for ED



ACEP16 highlights – Sunday 16th Oct

3 highlights from #ACEP16 Sun 16th

Best Vasoactive agent for PE – Norepinephrine

Can’t diagnose ECG 3rd degree AV block just based on AV dissociation

What is safe & saves lives?


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