Basingstoke reduces MDT time from upto 6 weeks to just days

The Basingstoke Liver Referral Service have reduced the time between MDT referral and clinical response following MDT from up to 6 weeks to a matter of days (see Clinical Services Journal article)

This has been achieved by streamlining communications through Ardeo’s eMDT product, rather than a mix of post, email, fax, telephone and image transfer notifications, as clarifying and correcting information from these various sources and correcting missing information can take between two to six weeks.

This is much more than just images, but the image component is handled by our bbRad eMDT module, known as the Ardeo Image Management (AIM) module.  It integrates authenticated, automated image transfers tightly into eMDT’s functionality, allowing sites achieve the huge benefits that Basingstoke are enjoying.

This could be hugely beneficial to our customers and their patients, so over the coming months Opey, or Paul or Peter from Ardeo, will be contacting sites that may benefit from this.  In the meantime, do call or send Opey an email, and we’ll send you further information.


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