bbRad v2.14.00

bbRad v2.14.00 has been released. There are many background changes that are not user-visible, as well as the features noted below:
  • Return report to originator feature – for Remote Reporting Services
    • Allows one click sending of reports back to the site that they originated from.
    • This is from directly inside the report display dialog, so users can edit the report, and return it with a single click
  • Improved report and memo usability
    • Icons to clearly show if a study has report/memo attached
    • Icons can be clicked to open report/memo for quick access editing
    • Plus ( + ) icon for adding a new report/memo
  • Study Date filter added to study search
  • New label on favorite recipient dialog will show the listening AE title & Port for favourite Recipients
  • Various other minor bug fixes and improvements
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