bbRad v2.13.02

bbRad version 2.13 has been released, we are in the process of rolling it out across bbRad sites.

The main features of note in this version are:

  • Recipient based missing identifier rules allow users to configure incoming studies and allow/disallow missing study details such as Accession number, Patient number,  NHS number & Procedure code
  • Fix for manual Route jobs when sent from the bbRad Admin Console.
  • Improved compression transfer between gateways to reduce transfer times of large studies
  • Improved Report handling using DICOM Standard Basic Text SR
  • Added a right click -> Send Report option to send only the report for a study without the images
  • Fixes to the bbRad Admin console to ensure compatibly with Java 1.4 and upwards.
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

bbRad v2.13 is also the first version to use our new bbRad Auto Updater. This will allow scheduled updates to run at a specific time of day, which will run automatically and on completion notify the same email address’ that are configured to receive bbRad study notifications. This allows an easier roll out for new bbRad versions meaning sites will get newer versions more quickly than before.

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