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Easy-procure below-OJEU VNA and Services

  • PACS contract-end nearing?
  • Additional radiology storage or disaster recovery?
  • Network Teleradiology shared reporting?

We’ve been there, we know what it’s like. You can reduce stress and simplify – and save money too – by taking advantage of our long experience in storing, sharing and moving radiology imaging.

PACS replacement:

Complement your procurement by starting data migration sooner, to reduce duration of costly dual-running old and new PACS. Removes the risk of running out of time and having to extend your end-of-life PACS contract.

Additional PACS storage:

Free up space on PACS following migration of oldest studies to our VNA, cloud or on-premise. Or an additional copy of radiology imaging for disaster recovery (DR) piece of mind, by daily migration of newest studies.

Network Teleradiology Reporting:

Start lean, enabling remote reporting at network sites using existing systems to save training and simplify for everyone; complemented by flexible and home working arrangements thanks to cloud reporting.


Store, Share or Move – Cypher IT are established experts at handling medical images.

Store using our established exoPACS VNA

Share using our much-loved bbRad image sharing portal

Move using our proven Data migration service

Who are we? We are a healthcare software company who increase healthcare productivity by providing reliable solutions focused on simplifying clinical and administrative workflows.

We’ve been doing that since 2001. Our software is used in NHS and private hospitals, clinics and reporting providers in the UK, Europe and Japan.

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