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Cypher IT are established experts at moving medical images.

Data sharing between hospitals and reporting services with bbRad.  Fulfilment of patient and solicitor imaging requests from ShareMyXrayApp.

Data migration, especially to our cost-effective exoPACS VNA, saves you money by minimising overlap of old and new PACS contracts – much better than waiting for new PACS provider to do it.

Who are we? We are a healthcare software company who increase our customers’ productivity and enable real cost savings by specialising in medical imaging products that simplify clinical and administrative workflows.

Our software is used in NHS hospitals and Treatment Centres, as well as private hospitals and clinics in the UK, Channel Islands, Europe and Asia.

For example, our products are automating over 99.5% of registration/imports on both PACS and RIS with one customer importing over 180 exams per day, with no CDs and virtually zero input from PACS administrators. This increase in productivity allows volumes to increase with no extra staff, so saving money.

Imaging and Notes Available for Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Meetings? Vendor-Neutral Archiving, using Industry-Standard, Low-Cost Storage? Images Available to GPs, Physios and Out-Reach Clinics, throughout your PCT?
Streamline and automate MDT processes with our eMDT Module to:

Simplify and automate the whole spectrum of processes around data sharing, including automatically attached reports and sharing with off-shore and non-N3 hospitals.

Leverage low-cost storage with our exoPACS vendor-neutral archive to:

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