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Covering letter and CVs


Only recruit people who are SWAN:

  1. Smart
  2. Work hard
  3. Ambitious (or Achievement oriented)
  4. Nice
  • Results/outputs expected
  • Achievements
  • Honest
  • Hardworking
  • Positive
  • Open-minded
  • Focussed
  • Optimistic


Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Interview for

Result orientation Sense of urgency Probe past performance Ask 'how do u mean?' Transferrability Self-selection Why want to work for us? This Q is the best loyalty predictor Then, if we want them, sell role & value they contribute to company & customers Phone references/would u hire again? Thank you 4 time & anything else I should know?

Additional Guidelines For Conducting Interviews

  • Assess physical appearance (neatly dressed, well groomed, look well presented)
  • Assess body language (confident, shy, reserved, courteous, smiley, happy)
  • Is the candidate Clear and Confident at communicating
  • Assess relevant technical knowledge (Acedemic qualifications, professional exams, self-trained)
  • Assess relevant technical Ability (examples of application of knowledge - uni course work, individual or group, work experience etc)
  • Assess level of passion for key relevant subject
  • Assess their knowledge of Cypher IT's product and services
  • Assess their understanding and appreciation of good coding practices (if you were to start writing a code which your colleague would have to debug and finish, what steps would you take to make it easy for him to pick up the project and complete it)
  • What are the 3 key things you would like to achieve/get out of the job you are applying for
  • Give me 3 reasons why you think you are the ideal candidate for this role
  • Assess their understanding of the Quality-Service-Cost balance (there is nothing like a perfect bugless code)
  • What are your short term goals
  • What are your long term goals
  • Assess their level of ambition and drive
  • Assess ability to take initiative
  • Assess their spoken and written English, communication skills - (ability to write good English, how well is their CV written, assess spoken English during the interview)
  • Outline our portfolio of products and services, also describing how their role will fit in to the big picture, and assess their understanding of both what we do and and what the job specification is
  • What gaps do you see today in the IT market
  • Test their understanding of specific technical issues unique to the Healthcare IT industry (Information Governance, Patient Confidentiality, Data Protection, Encryption, IT Security - hardware and software)
  • Assess Visa requirements for working in the UK
  • Have you got any holidays booked or any planned holidays
  • Explain work pattern - (Monday to Friday 9 to 5.30pm)
  • Explain what next following the interview - (we will contact them by phone or email within the next x days to notify them of our decision)

Java Questions

Use the "java_interview_questions.doc" located under "cypher admin\staff\applications\recruitment\interview docs". It contains 4 simple Java questions that help to gauge the knowledge of the candidates programming skills.

New starters

Start reduced & increase @ 90 days Start them right, start them strong: Big early workload to start hardworking Motivation probs come from lack of direction & not knowing what's expected of them Satisfy their key needs:

  • Dependence (belonging/family)
  • Independence (recognition)
  • Interdependence (team/social)

Praise immediately/specifically/regularly Criticisms must be appropriate/constructive/once - don't drag things up repeatedly


Office Items (from Lisa)

  • health & safety, exits, security locks, etc
  • basics - loos, kitchen, tea/coffee, etc
  • working arrangements – working hours, reporting lines (line-manager Opey, dotted line Lisa for office related), sickness reporting, lateness reporting, annual leave request policy, receipted expenses
  • First Aid can be found on the shelf on the rear wall of the office

Information Governance (from James)

  • Importance - HMRC's missing CDs fiasco, years of govt bad press, top-level politics. More than 'just policies', compliance has a direct and critical commercial impact on us.
  • Run through IG training script
  • Record that training has been delivered, as per IG training script

Practical Items (from Thanh)

  • boot passphrase (whole-disk encryption), laptop login, admin user
  • location of Truecrypt disks, passphrase
  • email address, Thunderbird, signature –
  • address book (copy from support until we have LDAP fully sorted)

Communication (from James)

  • Todo list – where located, visibility, etc
  • Allwaysync & sync policy
  • Emailing - cc'ing support, admin, Opey, Marco

Radiology background knowledge (from Thanh)

  • modalities + what the images look like
  • systems: PAS->RIS->PACS
  • internal workflow acquisition thru reporting
  • external workflow (sharing) – ties in with bbRad
  • archival (long term storage) – ties in with exoPACS & Transition Service

Products (very overview from James; then again from Opey, referring to website collateral)

  • Data Migration/Transition Service
  • exoPACS – new focus
  • bbRad – bread & butter renewals
  • zeroWeb - reducing cost of sale

Business objectives (from Opey)

  • Company message - Simplify Workflows.
    • Simplify for hands-off operation - time-cost, cash-cost, scalability 2x, 10x...
  • Strategy
    • Current Problem, Policy Approach, Tangible Action Points
    • Point of maximum leverage; all the wood behind the arrow.
  • Protect renewals - support
  • Cost of Sale & scalability - work on new income
  • TS now; zeroWeb long term

Staff leavers

Breach of company policy may result in disciplinary procedures. The following policies are critical to the safe running of the business, and their breach may therefore represent misconduct or gross misconduct. Gross misconduct may result in summary dismissal. These clauses are included in all employee contracts.

  • Failure to disclose material facts relevant to screening and/or security
  • Information Governance, including Security, Confidentiality, and Tipping off.
  • Intellectual property
  • Health & safety
  • Non-compete
  • Corruption including inducements to purchase

All company information, and access to company information, must be deleted/revoked. By way of checklist, ensure that the following have been handled with the leaving organisation/staff member.

Actions for the leaver - special actions for person-identifiable information

  • shred/secure-delete all person-identifiable information on laptops or individual accounts
should be none if IG policy followed however:
check laptops, Downloads/Desktop folders, phone and table devices, message/email history and paper notepads,

Actions for the leaver

  1. delete repositories from laptops/workstations used
  2. delete source code & documentation from laptops/workstations used
  3. delete any code on home/work server(s)
  4. delete shared folders from BTSync
  5. delete all Truecrypt volumes for Cypher

Actions for Cypher

  1. change any shared passwords - API keys and BTSync secrets
  2. remove ssh public keys from servers, both dev and live
  3. remove accounts from wiki, website, and servers and services
  4. revoke access to source code repositories

Additional Cypher actions for directors and high-risk leavers

  • Outgoing Worldcheck, to include adverse media search
    • Review results with IG Manager or Head of Compliance
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