bbRad v2.14.03

bbRad v2.14.03 has been released. This is a maintenance release with no major changes, mostly fixes and improvements to v.2.14.00.

Below are notes on key changes:

  • Added Yesterday search filter for bbRad Status on study search filters
  • Site name can now be entered in Acquiring Org Id search filter on the admin console
  • Improved search speed on admin console
  • Improved submission speed of patient identifier edit from admin console
  • Studies stuck with status “Forward in progress” will be set to “Forward failed” upon server restart
  • Improved Licence expiry check logging & email notifications. Emails are now sent earlier, to make users more alert of pending expiry
  • ID_SWITCH_PREFIX mapping can be used to prefix the identifiers when using Patient Id & Other Id swap feature
  • Return report tool tip now displays the site name that the report will returned to
  • Return report button now marks report as Verified before routing back to originator
  • Improved handling of report objects when loading from admin console
  • Improved start-up study loading speed by reducing logging
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