bbRad v2.13.17

Roll-up of multiple internal versions including:

  • Fixed reports sent via HL7 where they would go Forward Failed if not a re-send.
  • Fixed an issue where associations weren’t properly closed for Query Retrieves
  • Code re-use – fixed an issue getting properties that were related to other products.
  • Fixed query retrieve date format in query phase
  • Fixed calling of GPG encryption for Linux builds
  • Study Details are now updated on a re-Accept, which ensures studies requested by eMDT don’t keep a patient name of “eMDT”
  • Fixed an issue where gateways with large databases (i.e. slow auto-update) could fail to pick up a change in Admin Console filter. This made the Admin Console auto-update seem unresponsive.
  • Changed DICOM configuration to make sure SCU (Forward) can negotiate both Compressed and Uncompressed transfer syntaxes
  • Improved support for switching patient identifier DICOM tags; no longer implemented on a per site basis.

See wiki entry for full details.

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