SATH becomes the 85th site to Join bbRad

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust becomes the 85th site to sign up for the bbRad Data Sharing Service.  Special thanks to the entire Radiology Team at the Princess Royal Hospital for their relentless support. SATH are expected to go live with bbRad on the 29th of June 2011, and we look forward to a smooth and successful implementation.

Use Case at SATH: Secure and simple image sharing is a key requirement at every NHS Trust and it is no different at SATH. SATH is unique in the sense that, because of their geographic location, they provide care for patients in the West Midlands and also Wales. One of the strengths of bbRad is that it is boundaryless, allowing sites in England, Wales and Scotland to share DICOM images and report in a secure and administratively simple way.

Click here to find out how to share images with SATH (existing bbRad sites only). For non-bbRad customers, please   click here to notify us of your interest.

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